Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering stands for a research area that aims at developing applications related to the oil and gas industry. We have experience in providing solutions related to turning drilling reports smarter using machine learning tools. We devised a framework that can structurize millions of texts into one single knowledge, thus helping to monitor the drilling process better.  Our research group also focuses on developing computer vision-oriented applications that provide safe work environments. By using biometric and video information, our tool can track workers and monitor possible hazardous situations.

Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence aims at using artificial intelligence-based tools to assist the sales personnel and improve profit. By using IA, we can forest sales, price, and external events, thus providing additional information to support the decision-making process of the sales manager. Our research group has experience in projects with private companies with successful case studies.

Energy Price Forecast

Energy has been considered a commodity in the last years, which means that companies (and the regular users in a nearby future) can sell the energy they are not using at the moment. Therefore, to predict the energy price is of significant concern, similarly to forecasting the stock market. We provide solutions that consider environmental and consumer information, together with past information to provide a robust tool that can forest the energy price in medium and long terms. We have strong experience with projects related to Brazilian energy companies that can help us to develop even more accurate models.

Business Management

To know how to manage your business is essential. AI2 also focuses on developing solutions that make use of powerful artificial intelligence tools to learn how to speed up internal processes, thus saving money and optimising the whole chain of your business.

Environmental Monitoring

Energy companies, mainly the ones that possess hydric power plants, are in charge of monitoring the whole environment in their surroundings. By using images acquired by drones, we devised a solution that can quickly identify illicit activities on-the-fly, such as wildfire, illegal buildings, predatory fishing, and hunting. Our solution, specially developed for energy companies, has shown to be a promising and high-end tool.